Welcome to Mowbile Mowers – Mobile Mower Service and Repair, Norfolk 

We are a mobile mower service and repair business that’s not only able to service and repair a variety of garden machinery, but also supply both new and used equipment from our base in the heart of Norfolk. Being mobile allows us to bring our industry knowledge and skills to your front door, saving you all of the hassle, expense and valuable time involved with transporting large, heavy equipment and taking it to a main dealer.

Our location allows us to cover a large proportion of Norfolk, including Dereham, Fakenham, Swaffham, Norwich, Holt, Attleborough and Wymondham to name but a few. We often venture further afield across Norfolk, so it’s always worth contacting us if you’re unsure whether we cover your area.

Whether your lawnmower needs a complete service or a simple repair, or if you’re sat asking yourself ‘how do I service my lawnmower?’ – you can trust us here at Mowbile Mowers for all of your mobile mower service and repair needs in Norfolk.

Why is lawn mower servicing important?

There are several reasons why servicing both modern and older machines is important. Would you leave your car until something went seriously wrong to get it looked at? Most people would take their car to a garage or dealer at the first sign of something being ‘off’ – such as an unusual noise, smell or feeling. When it comes to lawnmowers, though, the majority of people wait until their machine has completely failed to get it sorted. This is the wrong mindset to have; the best way is  to think of your lawnmower is as you would your car. Why?

For longevity of parts and efficiency, getting your lawnmower serviced regularly is important as a service will identify any minor issues before they reach such a time that your machine experiences a serious failure. Allowing mowers to reach this stage risks further damage to other parts, which can prove costly in the long run.

Sometimes, though, no matter how many services you do – things do go wrong, and mistakes happen. Parts wear and tear over time, something may become lose or fall off in amongst a sea of green. In such cases a repair may be needed.

In either case, having somebody reliable to carry out your lawn mower service and repair is crucial. That’s where we come in.

Our Services

Chainsaw a bit blunt? Lawn mower making a funny noise? Generator not working?

We can service, repair and supply for just about every make and model of garden machinery and other petrol powered tools on the market. Because we are not tied to any one company, you will get an honest and impartial service whatever it is that you require. With over 27 years’ experience in this field, we are both experienced and passionate about all aspects of garden equipment, with unquestionable dedication to giving you the best service possible. We service all of the following:

  • Lawnmowers
  • Petrol Strimmers
  • Petrol Hedge Trimmers
  • Rotavators
  • Petrol Scarifiers
  • Compact Tractors
  • Wood Chippers
  • Petrol Leaf Blowers
  • Chainsaws
  • Petrol Disc Cutters
  • Petrol Plate Compactors/Wackers
  • Generators

Check out our garden equipment servicing page to see a further, more detailed, list of all the garden machinery that we cover.


As well as mobile mower servicing and repairs on a variety of garden equipment, we also sell a range of new machinery from various companies. We can source virtually any make or model of machinery that you require, and as standard offer a range of hand-selected, value for money pieces of equipment. Unlike others, we fully assemble and test run every new machine to ensure you’re getting a high-quality, functionable and practical product. In addition, we can deliver straight to your door, at a time convenient for you, anywhere in Norfolk. What’s more, our delivery service is completely free of charge.

In addition, we realise that buying brand new gardening equipment perhaps isn’t at the top of everybody’s priority list, even more so for those working on a limited budget. This is exactly why we also offer a range of used machinery for you to choose from. The second-hand market is huge, and there is no doubt that there are 100’s of alternatives to us out there. What sets our selection apart is that our team of professionals check every single item. Each piece receives a full service and a good clean, ensuring they are ready for whatever it is you intend to use them for. As a result, you can trust our machines to provide the best possible levels of performance, at a significantly reduced price tag compared to new goods. When buying used equipment from us, you’re buying an item you can fully trust.

We may also be interested in buying any gardening machinery that you no longer require.

Get in Touch

There is no need to put up with slow service from the large main dealers, that in themselves come with big overheads to pay for. Simply give us a call or send us an email to get in touch. We will arrange a time that fits in with your busy life for us to bring our skills, products and above all our best service straight to you.