Lawnmower Repairs

Help! I need lawnmower repair near me!

Accidents happen. Things go wrong, become loose, parts fall off, break, wear or tear. In these circumstances, a repair may be needed. The truth is, though, that the majority of people either don’t have the knowledge, experience or tools to carry out the repair they need. Something as simple as a loose screw can stop your lawnmower from running, and sometimes experience is needed to identify the issue and rectify it, no matter how simple it is. If you’re looking for ‘lawn mower repair near me’ – you’ve come to the right place.

We offer mobile lawn mower repair, as well as the ability to repair a variety of other garden machinery.

Is it worth repairing a lawnmower?

There are a variety of issues that can occur in different lawnmowers. The severity of the issue is really the deciding factor in whether it’s worth repairing or buying a new one, as often this will affect the cost considerably. Below, you’ll find some common issues we see, and our verdict on whether it can, or is worth, getting repaired.

Failure to start

Anybody who has a petrol lawn mower will be familiar with the struggle that can be getting them to start. Sometimes, this can be down to user error, but more often, it is for other reasons. Common reasons include not enough fuel (possibly as a result of a fuel leak), a damaged battery or a damaged or dirty air filter. Some of these are checks and repairs that you can do yourself, however if you’re unsure it’s always best to ask someone who knows what they are doing.

Reduced mower speed

Sometimes, the mower can seem to be running at a noticeably reduced speed. Damage or dislocation of the drive belt is one of the more common causes of this, as it is what connects the engine to the moving components of the mower. Although, if it runs on battery, it’s worth checking that that is in good order, too. These can be found online, however it may be worth getting somebody to fit it if you are unsure.

Stuck pull cord

This is an issue that can be caused by a couple of other issues, and is something that we would recommend that you get seen by a professional. It can be caused by the flywheel brake or the blade, amongst other reasons.


Overheating is another common issue in lawnmowers. Most people are either unaware that their mower overheats, or are reluctant to find out why. We highly recommend that you get an overheating mower looked at, as prolonged use of the mower in this state is not only dangerous, but will deteriorate components within the mower itself. Regular servicing can reduce the risk of this happening, however so can prolonged use in harsh cutting conditions, a clogged exhaust, a build up of grass or stuck cooling fins.

Loss of power

Little is more frustrating than a lawn mower cutting out part way through cutting the grass. Sometimes, this can be caused by cutting grass that is too high, or a dirty/clogged blade that will stall the engine. However, there are other components that could cause this, such as  a dirty filter, dodgy spark plug or blunt blade. The latter issues are something that you may need a professional to repair.


This sounds, and often looks a lot more serious than it is. In the majority of cases, your lawn mower is not about to blow up. In most cases, smoking is caused by an over filled oil chamber, leaks in the oil chamber or even something as simple as a loose oil cap. These are things you may need to get looked at if you can’t identify the issue yourself, however if the colour of the smoke is white, very light or the running of the mower is non continuous – we recommend it gets looked at as soon as possible by a professional such as ourselves.  

Our services

We are able to source most parts for most lawn mowers or other garden machinery, and offer a fully mobile lawn mower repair in Norfolk. This saves you the hassle of organising, and of course the cost of, transporting your garden machinery to us or a main dealer. We come straight to you, equipped with the knowledge and tools to fix most issues. If there is an issue we can’t fix, we’ll aim to get it sorted as soon as possible and organise everything at a time convenient for you.

Get in Touch

There is no need to put up with slow service from the large main dealers, that in themselves come with big overheads to pay for. Simply give us a call or send us an email to get in touch. We will arrange a time that fits in with your busy life for us to bring our skills, products and above all our best service straight to you.